Safety & Security Platform.

Smart Observation Platform


Here's how we define Offgrid Pods

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A smart Computer Vision & AI based safety and security platform, which provides accurate information of the environment around it and extends the area of operation by integrating with robotics platforms.

Offgrid Pods can be rapidly deployed without any infrastructure or grid power. It is a rapidly deployable surveillance and response system, supported by various computer vision modules to assist operations, safety & security teams in their mandate.
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Offgrid Pods is adaptable. Clients are using this for perimeter security, wildlife management, traffic management, subject detection, facial recognition and smart counting.

Offgrid Pods team is motivated and able to develop custom enhancements and integrations with external systems as per client needs.

It worked for them

Our clients see this solution adaptable in multiple situations, such as safety tool for their crew in remote areas, tracking wildlife, using drones to observe large areas.